Thank you, Edirol. While some of your competitors lag months behind OS updates or fail to release drivers for some products entirely — not naming any names (I assume our readers will do that in comments) — Edirol has really been on the ball. (Also on our good list driver-wise: RME and MOTU, among others.)

Edirol announced today they have drivers ready for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, available for immediate download. What’s covered? Edirol says they’ve got updates “for their entire range of controller keyboards, field recorders and audio interfaces, including the ground-breaking M-16DX digital audio mixer.” Okay, I can’t personally vouch for whether the M-16DX is ground-breaking or not, but I expect owners of it will be very pleased the latest-and-greatest from Apple is supported.

Other driver updates, anyone? So far, we’ve heard people are doing pretty well with most of their equipment, whether it’s officially “supported” on Leopard or not — though I have heard about issues with M-Audio. Anyone else? (Updated: Wait, strike that — M-Audio hardware sounds like it’s working reasonably well for most, as is PreSonus. I should get to test my Focusrite soon. The one big troublemaker: Alesis. And we’re still seeing some isolated interface bugs. I still say wait for a few more weeks before leaping, but that said, most people are having a pretty smooth experience.)

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