Download Free Reaktor-Powered Step Sequencer; Reaktor, Kore Performance Tips

We’ve been busy at hacking away on Native Instruments’ software to share more playable tools and tips. Peter Dines has built a really fantastic tool called Frankenloop. It’s a "step sequencer with a twist" — probability settings for each step so that it sounds different each time. Peter has released it under a ShareAlike […]

Guitar Pedals Go DIY, Open Source

Ever wished you could open up guitar pedals and make them work the way you like? This week brought good news for you, whether your flavor is hardware or software. Prefer to wire up a simple DIY project and learn about circuitry without soldering? Or want a mad eight-core food pedal with video output and […]

Peter Kirn - June 20, 2008

Obituary: STEIM Founder, Cracklebox Inventor, Musician Michel Waisvisz

Sad news has arrived via Scott Looney: I have the sad news to report that STEIM’s founder Michel Waisvisz died peacefully in his home last night "after fighting the mean cells in his body for eight months" – which i assume is a reference to the cancer he had been battling. Michel developed one of […]

Peter Kirn - June 20, 2008

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