BeatMaker, the all-in-one music production tool for iPhone / iPod Touch, has hit hip-hop after just a few days on the market. Producer Henny, of the Bizness, has done a full-blown demo tutorial. And it sounds simply amazing. (Okay, suffice to say I can’t tap on a phone and swing properly so you get a good groove, but Henny can.)

Henny makes beat on iPhone 3G using Beatmaker!!! from Henny on Vimeo.

Thanks to Mr. Get It Poppin, Kapo, and everyone else who pointed us to this. I’ve gone from being jealous of the iPhone to being jealous of the producer’s insanely rapid skills. Nice.

Back on the technical side, Mathieu from Intua writes to say that the software is making rapid progress. PDF documentation is up now. A beta of the file synchronization tool, BeatPack, is available, so you can start transferring files to and from your Mac or PC. The 1.0.1 update is very close, with small feature improvements and bug fixes. And we anticipate MIDI export of patterns not long after that. I don’t normally cover incremental updates, but I know this is big for you as I’ve gotten lots of reader emails. Stay tuned!

Downloads available, including BeatPack for OS X 10.4 and later and XP/Vista:

Intua Shop

BeatMaker page