CoGe 0.85b – Quick Start Guide from luma beamerz on Vimeo.

Apple’s visual goodies and modular patching tool Quartz Composer provide some building blocks for live visuals. But to actually connect these into something you can use live requires some work. Quartonian by Roger Bolton was an early effort to do just that, but while it’s a fascinating application, the interface and underlying patches are more than a little idiosyncratic.

CoGe, an open-source, semi-modular visual app, takes a more conventional approach. The interface focuses on clip triggering and effects and mixing modules. It now even uses the playback module from CDMo contributor vade’s own v002 app. I’m not personally crazy about the interface, but I do like that it’s open source, and if you’re a fan of Quartz Composer it certainly seems worth a look. It’s yet another tool Mac users can add to their visual arsenal.

Quick start video above; after the jump, a video of the new features in the 0.93b build released at the end of last month.

CoGe Site (lots of info inside in the forums)

Full disclosure: I’m enjoying my shiny, new, absurdly cheap PC laptop, so I’ll be busy rocking out on vvvv and some cross-platform / OpenGL-based tools and not getting so into the Mac-only stuff. But then, I also upgraded the MacBook to Leopard… hmmm…

CoGe 0.93b – some new features from luma beamerz on Vimeo.