Tired: Trying to get publicity for software updates. Wired: using publicity for software as a reason to finish an update!

Ilias Bergstrom has a new release up of an open-source project designed to make it easier to play live with Processing. With all-important support for 0156 (which again restores proper fullscreen operation, this is the one to go try if you haven’t tried already. And there’s splines:

I have just uploaded version 0.2 of Mother to the google code download page.

Besides now working with Processing 0156, I have also added a new feature that allows processing incoming OSC values using spline interpolation, thus allowing for better animation.

I have also included updated examples for getting started, and updated documentation.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


processing-mother @ Google Code

Still Windows-only at the moment, but the Mac build is in progress, so stay tuned. Eventually should be fun to test this on Linux, as well.