Fast Music Video Production and Creative Commons "Stems" Release: Edward Guglielmino – Fail With Me

Speaking of extra heads, I recently completed a music video – Fail With Me – with collaborator Edward Guglielmino, for the album Late At Night. Edward Guglielmino – Fail With Me from Jaymis on Vimeo. A continuation of the Quick, Single-Shot philosophy I espoused and we discussed 6 months ago. I think this integration is […]

Ask CDM – Monitor Over USB: Have You Used DisplayLink Devices to Add Extra Outputs?

DisplayLink technology has existed for a while, and started appearing in more devices in 2008. It sounds like a very visualist-friendly concept – add extra monitors via USB – yet I haven’t seen it in action nor heard from any VJs using this hardware. The DisplayLink site proudly displays seemingly daisy-chained monitors, and touts the […]

Jaymis Loveday - January 19, 2009

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