Last year dj rndm and Robotkid gave us a review of Serato’s Video-SL plugin for Serato Scratch Live.

Recently I was able to collaborate with Sampology, a local turntablist, for the last Game On night of 2008. Sam used Video-SL to put together a gaming-themed AV set, and I added a selection of security cameras and mixed it all together with the Vixid.

Sampology at Game On – AV Turntablist Set (Part 1), and Part 2.

This performance was fantastic fun, and Video-SL really shines when piloted by a skilled turntablist. The addition of video to this kind of set gives audience members another sense to help them understand what all that frantic action behind the turntable is actually creating, as they have visual cues to go along with the audio for juggles, scratches and other esoteric DJ techniques.