Flash Playback in Resolume 3 from Resolume on Vimeo.

Resolume 3.1, which I wrote up earlier this month, is a huge update for the audiovisual performance tool, with a beat-synced video looper and, oh yeah, Flash playback, even with full support for ActionScript 3. There’s now a video showing off the feature, as seen at top.

Unfortunately, with all the new features came some new bugs. I have to hand it to Edwin and Bart, though: they’re nothing if not honest. Here’s the email they sent to users:

A few last minute bugs had snuck into version 3.1 which caused a lot of instability. We were so excited that Flash was finally working properly that we wanted to release 3.1 as quickly as possible. Unfortunately we learned the hard way that a quick release can go horribly wrong.

We had also spent so much time stress-testing and making Resolume a lot more stable so it was very frustrating to see that a few last minute bugs spoiled all our hard work. Fortunately these bugs were easy to find and fix.

Download Resolume 3.1.1:

Now, if only major software and (ahem) operating system developers could admit that. (Hilarity, I’m sure, would ensue.) And yes, no developer anywhere is immune to this phenomenon.

I’m still waiting for the perfect app that lets me insert Processing visuals into a set, but until then, Resolume belongs on a fairly short list of terrific live visual apps.