Cúpula sonora / Palacio Salvo from chindogu on Vimeo.

Like a digitally deconstructed then reconstructed architectural fragment, VJ Chindogu’s Cúpula Sonora stands as an audiovisual object, with music by David Duchov. I like Chindogu’s term of “ephemeral sculpture” here, as there is a sense of that as the cupola pulses and vibrates. And while I think the rectangular screen probably has life left in it, what’s striking as a result is that the object becomes for me autonomous and self-sufficient.

Chindogu aka Marcelo Vidal has a long resume of work, ranging from stage design to galleries, visual performance, and architectural mapping, with collaborators from Ellen
Alien to HSBC.

I also love his work for Pepsi’s rebranding, not so much for the Pepsi logo as for the inventive and whimsical patterns that dance across the facade of the Hotel del Prado. Some mapping projections can become austere and somber; these are great fun, and take out the Pepsi logo and you could substitute a number of great musical artists for the same effect.

I’m suddenly thirsty, however.

mapping Pepsi Hotel del Prado (Low res) from chindogu on Vimeo.

More at his Vimeo account.