Wait for it…

It’s a sculptural monument to waiting and the wait cursor, controlled by an iPad. This doesn’t count as the first iPad-controlled art, as I was part of a show last month on that theme; documentation of that soon. But is a fascinating homage to an iconic image of our age, and time in the digital world, the first “spinning wheel of death” sculpture I’ve ever seen. The work of artist and Emergency Broadcast Network veteran Brian Kane, the show is packed with other surprises – like MeatWater.

YOU control the pinwheel of death in the first-ever iPad™ art installation, “Waiting for Google,” now on view at the Murphy and Dine Gallery in New York City.

You can speed it up, slow it down, stop it or even make it go backwards, but you can’t make it go away.

“Waiting for Google” is artist Brian Kane’s magical, game-changing creation, which celebrates waiting and uncertainty in today’s force-quit world.

Blog post @ SlashBoing [Brian’s site]

The opening is tonight here in NYC:

Facebook event

If you’re in the mood for something slightly more practical, Brian also directs us to an explanation of how to code video output on the iPad:

Download the XCode 3.2 or higher SDK
A real IPad device (no simulation is available)
An Apple brand video out cable
Knowledge of Objective-C and UIKit IPhone libraries
An external video display (TV or LCD)

HOW TO: use an external screen (video out) in an Apple IPad application