Upload, edit – the two are back together again on YouTube. Google Operating System was sharp enough to notice the change. (Thanks, Lifehacker)

Aside from the player interface, the whole interface makes use of HTML5, though it’s not as sophisticated as a former Flash-based “remix” tool that YouTube offered, then discontinued. (That seems to be the nature of the design of the tool more than the comparative functionality of Flash and browsers.) What’s nice is that videos in your account appear automatically, ready to drag, trip, and compose. You can add audio from YouTube’s AudioSwap service, with accompanying advertising, though I couldn’t figure out a way to upload my own soundtrack. (You may simply have to do that by uploading as a video?)

It’s a simple project, but it should make YouTube a lovely tool for making quick reels of your work. I’d love to have a similar tool on Vimeo, which has lately been the preferred showcase for visualist creations, generative artwork, and the like.

Of course, this sort of thing is exactly what’s promised by the shift to browser-based video, which can integrate more fully with browser pages and HTML. At the same time, it demonstrates that we’ll be partly dependent on rich APIs from video sites to fully realize that potential.

I hope Google gives us more information on this feature soon. More:

Time to ask the readers: have you found an online video editor that looks like it’s got some promise?