MixEmergency, Serato-Driven Mac Visual App, Gains Loads of New Features

MixEmergency is a little-known Mac visual app, but it’s got a passionate following. (How do I know? I get excited shouts from them every now and then.) With so many options for live visuals, what would inspire such enthusiasm? Simple: MixEmergency, in addition to some powerful features, can integrate with real-time scratch moves from Serato […]

Making of Red Dead Redemption: Game Music Score as Interactive Collage

Sure, it’s a Spaghetti-Western-inspired soundtrack to the hit Rockstar game called jokingly by fans Grand Theft Horse. But to me, a richly-composed musical score for a blockbuster video game sums up a lot of where music production is at these days. Composed by Bill Elm and Woody Jackson, Red Dead Redemption gets a score that […]

- July 30, 2010

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