First Augmented Reality Music CD :: Latrama :: Love & Projects :: from musikame on Vimeo.

Want the CD as object to come alive again? Here’s yet another approach: make it into an input for webcam-based augmented reality.

The album “Love & Projects” by Latrama uses the packaging to trigger augmented reality “DJing” of the playlist. Put the CD in front of your webcam, head to a browser-based tool, and you get turntable controls for playing the album live, complete with scratching, pitch, delay, filter, and volume controls. There are more downloads available, as well.

Of course, this raises the question of why you actually need the CD, given the experience is online – but then, it’s the problems with this concept that are to me interesting, themselves; working out the tension between the old (CD) and new (Web, webcam augmented reality) is where a number of opportunities lie.

The “augmented reality CDj” was developed by Madrid-based interactive shop Musikame. Musikame has been busy, re-imagining a clock face as a DJ tool and building a browser-based tool for DJing with SoundCloud tracks:

Clock DJ from musikame on Vimeo.

For SoundCloud DJing and mixing (via Sonic State, over the summer):

And here’s a project that mapped Facebook faces to a wall of photos for a festival. (Take that, new Facebook profile page!)

musikame @ REC Madrid 2010 from musikame on Vimeo.

Updated: Via comments, here’s what Theo den Brinker (SoundCloud) did with that player app: