The modular MIDI step sequencer for Mac, Numerology 3, gets a big update today, adding humanization, generative patterns, and an enhanced UI and functionality. That makes this a more powerful laboratory than ever for creating new musical patterns. There’s also now a budget “Standard” edition and more advanced “Pro” version, AU support for use as a plug-in with some impressive scheduling accuracy and low-latency MIDI support, and lots of new modules.

The basic idea of Numerology is to turn your Mac into a set of modules for assembling musical patterns, and now you can either make Numerology a (very powerful) host, or a plug-in in your DAW of choice. New in version 3:

  • “Generate” and “Evolve” features use generative algorithms for creating and transforming patterns. You can even use them in real-time for ongoing mutations to patterns.
  • OSC (OpenSoundControl) support in Pro
  • Pro-only features: Route multi-output AUs, monophonic audio, custom scale quantization, and advanced sequencer tools like CV to audio for use with outboard analog synths
  • Enhanced filters, envelopes, and modulation in the synth and drum kit modules
  • New audio effects: tempo-synced delays, multi-mode filtering
  • Better preset storage, now with a centralized Stack Library and per-module preset storage
  • Included library of modules to get you started, complete with full examples and templates
  • New 222-page manual

Five12’s James Coker is I think one of the more creative independent music developers out there; I really love what he’s doing with this tool. At a time when there aren’t a whole lot of new ideas about how to work in music production, Numerology is a really unique take, and worth considering for that reason.

Numerology AU already works in Ableton, Logic, and MOTU DP, with more hosts coming soon. That makes this now a must-have addition to any Mac music setup, period – it’s looking insanely powerful.

Intro pricing is available through January 9; upgrades from US$34 and full releases for $119-184. (The Pro version doesn’t cost much more, so that may be a no-brainer for most Numerology fans.)