Call it full-body percussion. Kasumi’s “soundboard” short film centers on sliced footage of dancers, composed into an audiovisual rhythm. It’s brief but nicely focused. I can almost feel the weight of the movement. More notes from the work’s creator:

This piece is as much about the sound as is it the image. Using only the percussive sounds of the dancers’ bodies hitting the floor and each other, I created the audio mix by layering the un-effected sounds in Ableton Live, while simultaneously cutting up the video.
I am immensely grateful to Didier Feldmann, whose brilliant color-grading raised the aesthetic level of this work many, many notches.
Thanks of course, to Christopher Bell and Da-Rell Townes, for their willingness to experiment.

It’s worth checking out her other work on Vimeo and her own site; Kasumi has collaborated with the likes of DJ Spooky and Grandmaster Flash and the New York Phil and got the attention of the Vimeo remix awards. Not too shabby, huh?