Radio from the past, meet radio from the future. Photo (CC-BY-SA) Nic McPhee.

Tired of top 40 hits? Pooped on podcasts? Sapped on streams?

What if your radio could generative music that was never-before — and never-again — heard, all from dynamic, algorithmic software?

PatchWork Radio does that with Pd patches. It’s not a new idea, but the radio station here, at least, is modular – not just one patch but any number of patches can be transformed into radio, thanks to some Python scripting. Creator David Guy John notes:

I’ve recently just started up an internet radio station using PureData to stream generative music. The system will load and unload randomly chosen PD patches, synthesize all the audio in real time and then stream the results out.

You can listen to the stream at and more info is available at

I’m hoping to try and recruit some help to build patches for it as it’s a bit of a daunting task to do just on my own so if you could let people know about it I’d be really grateful.

So, who’s in – does this generate (ahem) some interest or ideas, and might you want to contribute?

It seems fitting that the kind of musical worlds imagined by artists like Brian Eno now can be deployed anywhere in the world, not just generated in one iteration, but in endlessly-transformable versions.

(But can you dance to it?)