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From an Australian curator comes a diverse compilation of “experimental electronica” spanning artists from down under, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Selected by artist / Enig-matik founder SUN IN AQUARIUS, it’s some finely-produced, “glitch-tinged” music covering a gamut of personalities, a nice sampling of some of the kind of quality work getting made. The compilation is streamable free or can be purchased for AUD$15.

Honestly, I think the biggest challenge with all this music isn’t listening to it or finding it, but deciding what to call it. Electronica? Leftfield? Ambient — no, not really. Glitch? Please. Even the “experimental” moniker seems not entirely descriptive to me. Thoughts?

Of course, acquiring it is very easy – it’s another Bandcamp release: V.A-Painting Pictures on Silence V1

Mitchell Nordine (Mind Tree), who sent this news, contributes two of my favorite tracks, cut one, “The Caravan,” and as half of the collaboration MindBuffer, “Ghost in the Shell.”

Mitchell shares some of the making of “The Caravan”:

All of the percussive samples were recorded with my little Zoom H2 on a camping trip our group went on when I was 18 (last year) Easter time 🙂 It makes the track feel particularly close to home for me, and I’m just wrapped in general at the quality of how the end product turned out using custom samples from the little recorder.

Mitchell also passes along some additional notes on his act, some of the geekier details of their creation process behind the scenes (generative melodies, audiovisual granular synthesis), and more:


MindBuffer is the collaborative bi-product between Joshua Batty and Mitchell Nordine after years of submergence deep within the oceans of C++ coding and Max/MSP/Jitter patches… This combined with a fetish for sensory overload, years of collective experience within popular DAW’s such as Logic and Live, and a history of professional performance in jazz trumpet and violin.

MindBuffer thrives on intricacy and innovation, integrating self-generative and prerecorded audio, 3D reactive visuals and crowd interactivity; all grown from the ground up on self developed software. Their custom software is capable of realtime audiovisual granular synthesis by allowing the access and manipulation of single frames of video at 60fps as well being capable of melodic and rhythmical generative compositional processes. <(Ghost in the shell 2.20-3.48, Bell melody is entirely generative) REVIEW BY INTERVAL "Deep, thoughtful, and experimental, ‘Ghost in The Shell’ from Mindbuffer explodes an IDM vibe like non-other. A heart wrenchingly soulful expedition, it grooves deep into a carefully created chaos, with hiccups of noise and distortion thrown across the listener, much like a fresh splattering of multicoloured paint over a canvas. Confronting expectation mindbuffer still delivers a poignant narrative that is sure to send goosebumps crawling up your spine." Review by Interval. ENIG’MATIK RECORDS Enig'matik Records sole goal is to blur genre lines, push the envelope and generally bring together like minded artists who are in it for the music, for the emotion it can convey and the unification it can achieve. This release was only possible by the extraordinary efforts of label owner Sun in Aquarius. Our personal favorites include Circuit Bent, Vaetxh and Sun in Aquarius.

Mindbuffer’s performance rig: that’s Max/MSP on Mac OS, just running with the screen reversed for performance use! (Hint: use command-control-option-8. Try it; I’ll wait.) And yes, for control, that’s the sadly now-defunct Lemur. Photo used by permission; via Flickr.

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