From game accessory to ubiquitous visualist tool, Microsoft’s surprise hit. Photo (CC-BY-ND) “My name is on my driving license”.

EyesWeb is a rich toolset for computer vision, interactive software for Windows that lets you apply any number of vision techniques to intelligently analyze a video image. Since it sends OSC data, it can interact with other visual (or other media) software. That deep set of tools has made it a favorite in research and live visual experimentation, and a free license adds to its popularity. Now, it adds, among other features, Kinect compatibility. New in the 5.2.1 build out this week:

  • OpenNI-based support for Microsoft’s Kinect 3D camera
  • A new edge detector, called CannyEdgeDetector
  • Lots of updated blocks and feature tweaks
  • Smarter display of lists
  • Loads of fixes
  • Improved audio support

Read about those features in full detail on the EyesWeb forum:
EyesWeb 5.2.1 available for download

There are also new demo patches to show off the new blocks.

Tipped off via Antonio Camurri and the NIME community list – thanks!