Preparing for a live gig. Photo (CC-BY) Jaymis Loveday, from whom we do hope to hear again on CDM.

Visualist. VJ. Live visuals. Visual performance. Live cinema. Whatever you call it, we want to know what you use. What’s on your screen when you boot your Mac, Windows, or Linux laptop — or iPad or PSP or Game Boy or … something else.

It’s time for a new, proper survey of Create Digital Motion readers and the wider community. The more results we get, the broader the picture of our scene we’ll see, so please, please, please spread this post to anyone you know who performs visuals live. (And if they don’t read Create Digital Motion, tell them we’ll buy them a beer if we see them or will be their best friend or something.)

Post your results by Monday, and we’ll share the data next week.

Direct link to survey:
CDM Visual App Census

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