In some cross between a self-aware, intelligent computer a la HAL and an experimental sound artist, the project Digimancy presents a talking, synth-playing Commodore 64. Get through a few minutes of it spouting theory, and somewhere at about 6 minutes, 30 seconds in this video, that Commodore 64 starts to jam with danceable, glitchy sounds. It’s a bizarre laboratory sonic production – white lab coat included – but eventually, this semi-evil computer makes songs. And it’s just the sort of convergence of analog and digital we love, as the C64 chips drive a nice set of boutique, analog gear. Patch cords and chips – bonus.

Reader Jordan Bartee, the man responsible for this mayhem, sends it our way, which provides entry into, in his words, “the micro-galactic frontier.”

No reason to let him have all the fun, though. He’s shared schematics, source code, and PCB layouts:

Decode that, and find an old C64, and you can go to town.