Developer Alex Zolotov has been producing fascinating experiments for the iPhone. Today, we’re covering updates to Alex’s SunVox production tool, on iOS and desktop alike, but this pair of iOS tools deserves its own post. I could try to describe them, but there’s little to say that can’t be clearly seen in the video: you draw sounds, in spectral form (bottom) and waveform view (top), in order to produce synths graphically. The idea isn’t new, of course, but it’s beautifully implemented here in a way that’s immediate and sonically rich.

Below, one other recent iOS creation, SoundFields, which also takes on fascinating graphical approaches to sound.

The apps:
SoundFields []
SpectrumGen [iTunes App Store]
PixelWave [iTunes App Store]

Off topic, but a terrific way to waste time not making music from Alex – and a great audiovisual experience, to boot. (Call it “homework” researching sound and image or something.) Pixel Cave [Windows, Linux, Palm, Windows Mobile, iOS – that link also links to another interesting tracker]