Like audio, movies came from linear media; many a film student wound up splicing film with razor blades or editing with giant take-up reels on a Steenbeck. (I know I did.) But in the digital realm, we’re faced with the daunting possibility that video editing could look like absolutely anything. Media could be sequenced in any way imaginable. It could use arcs, curves, geometry, non-linear transitions through space.

IanniX, a tool based on composer Iannis Xenakis’ graphical music scores and tablet interfaces, is associated largely with sound. Accordingly, I look at it today on Create Digital Music:
Music in Space and Time: Wild Geometries and Sequencing in Iannix, Free

But it can just as easily manipulate video, as here with Max/MSP Jitter; see the video at top. IanniX can transmit OpenSoundControl (OSC) messages, which are of course far better supported in live visual apps than they are in music software. So, if you’ve been looking for an OSC sequencer to use in your music work, this could be it.

If you do something with this tool, we’d love to see it. Send it our way. Even a rough screencast could be fun.