Open Source Motion Control: camSlider Hardware is a Pocket Dolly for Stop Motion, Effects

It’s a DIY, open source slider. A “pocket dolly.” Motion control hardware, ready for your next DIY special effect or stop motion animation, made free, open, and hackable. The work of Stefan Kohler, camSlider is in self-described “alpha” phase, but already looking wildly promising for a new generation of animators and creators. Doing an open […]

From Technique to Medium: Mapping Festival in Videos Immerses Eyeballs

As projection mapping moves from technique or novelty into genuine medium, one terrific place to look for the progress of state of the art is the Mapping Festival. With backing from a visual developer – Modul8 and MadMapper publisher GarageCUBE – but extending to live visual work in general, Mapping puts live visuals front and […]

Peter Kirn - October 13, 2011

Farewell to Dennis Ritchie, Whose Language Underlies Digital Music Software

Photo (CC-BY) Mark Anderson. The generation of people who defined modern computing seems to be passing this year. Following Max Mathews, another Bell Labs titan is lost to us: Dennis Ritchie is the man who created the original C programming language (again at Bell Labs) as well as co-developed the UNIX operating system. President Obama […]

Peter Kirn - October 13, 2011

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