Videodog wants you. Photo (CC-BY) Abode of Chaos. (Not to be confused with Adobe of Chaos.)

The Mapping Festival is one of the real hubs of live visual activity, hosted by the creators of Modul8 and MadMapper but dedicated to everything that’s happening with visualism and mapping projections beyond the generic rectangle. For a glimpse of what happened last year, read our most recent post:

From Technique to Medium: Mapping Festival in Videos Immerses Eyeballs

But if you don’t just want to read about Mapping or watch videos of it, but actually participate, here’s your chance. The open call is now up for May 2012. (May will be a busy month: Mapping and the epic LPM, Live Performance Meeting, both happen in May. Clear your calendar for some time in Europe.)


Your imagination is full of audiovisual projects? You have performances, installations, workshops or other audiovisual multidisciplinary projects to discover?

Submit your project to the Mapping Festival!
As every year our curatorial committee develops the Mapping Festival program through an open call for submissions.

For it, you have to submit a COMPLETE file and register on line on:

BEWARE: Mapping Festival 2012 call for entries start OCTOBER 18h TUESDAY until NOVEMBER 18th FRIDAY included.

Different categories:
– Clubbing: VJing / scenography / Set AV
– Audiovisual performance
– Installation / Exhibition
– Outdoor projection
– Workshop / Lecture / Software demonstration

Booked next Mapping Festival: May 10th to 20th, 2012!

Some background:

The Mapping Festival is dedicated to the advancement of the VJ medium. It does so by initiating events where the medium of projecting images is combined with other currents in contemporary culture, and bringing these events to the people of Geneva and international visitors.

Formed in 2005 by the creators of Modul8 and the association of the night club Le Zoo/Usine, The festival seeks to present works by individuals and collectives that share a passion for real time image making and performance.

The festival is a laboratory for the VJing discipline, offering both novices and professionals the possibilty for experimentation as well as a forum for exchanging ideas and resources. This approach has given it a reputation within the world wide VJ community.

And I hope to see you there.