Look out, flat 4:3 and 16:9 rectangles. Projection mapping – the simple but potentially-expressive technique of using projected light on more complex three-dimensional surfaces – appears to be here to stay. And it’s even reached Mongolia.

Reader Joe Catchpole writes to let us know about his project, combining Ableton Live with VJ app Modul8, Mac tool Quartz Composer, and others, plus the key ingredient — MadMapper, the 3D projection mapping software.

More details:

Hi, just to let you know about a project I completed with DJ Ulzii in Ulaanbaatar: The First video mapping in Mongolia. 9th of
Sept 2011.

Growth_D Party at iLoft Function House, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Created in collaboration between Ulzii Deejay Nergui, Joe Catchpole and a great crew at the venue:
Musical and translation help from:

Made with 5 Projectors, 2 x TH2G, Quartz Composer, MadMapper, Modul8, Adobe Illustrator and Wings3D. Using Ableton Live to trigger the intro section and then accompany some great DJ’s and lots of energetic dancers until the early hours….

It was an amazing experience out there, never before have I been in demand from TV crews for interviews! We’ll see if any of that makes it
to youtube…hahaha.

It was a tight schedule of five days from construction to show especially as the venue functions all the time with restaurant, bar and regular big events.

Kit hire was not too difficult, we had a decent pair of 5ks in the venue and two hired in plus one from a TV studio…
Difficult things to obtain were clamps and brackets but after years of improvising with limited supplies we installed a safe, secure and
attractive lighting truss for three of the beamers.

Mongolia makes sense to me. Other places aside from the oft-mentioned Europe, Australia, North America, South America where there’s projection mapping? (Africa, anyone? Or, while we’re doing continents, how about Antarctic projection mapping? Bet the glaciers are fun.)