Big pixels, enormous screen: watching the latest LED wall spring to life from basic materials, with a lot of effort, is a sheer delight.

Reader Konstantin Leonenko sends in this work, by technical producers YBCOZ, for the Dutch artist Giny Vos’ cinematic installation.

The sheer quantity of LEDs aside, it’s the ability of that cinematic quality to shine through in Vos’ work that ultimately makes the technical achievement more valuable.

The construction, which took a full month of work, is here collapsed into four minutes. During those minutes, what you’re seeing is some 360 degrees, 4,000 LEDs for 4,000 individual pixels, 8,000 needles, and a screen constructed from “cardboard and calque paper,” says Konstantin.

“Round’n’Round” cinematic led installation by Giny Vos.

location: Virtueel Museum ZuidAs.

technical production by YBCOZ

Amsterdam, July-October 2011.

Music: “How Long Is The Wrong Way” by Flanger

More of Vos’ work below (and elsewhere on Vimeo), or visit her site: