processing to MadMapper via Syphon [Test] from espadaysantacruz studio on Vimeo.

Wish you could get Modul8 to take an input from some other tool, so that in addition to playing videos, you could “insert” custom visuals as you play?

Wish you could VJ with Processing – without giving up your VJ tool, too?

Wish you could use Processing with MadMapper for custom project-mapped generative visuals? (I’m going to pause at the tiny handful of people who know what that question means. If you’re still with me — congrats.)

Wish you could do all of this with some other combination of tools on the Mac? (Hint: if it supports Syphon, you can.)

Media artist Miguel V. Espada answers just how to make all of this goodness a reality in an exquisite set of easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Even the render-weary VJ could follow them. (Trust me – been there.)

In fact, I’m just about ready to go through every single one of the tutorials here. Kinect and Processing and Processing and Modul8 and Processing and projection mapping … Miguel, you’re our hero. [thanks, Ilan!]

And all of these techniques promise to get better with time.

Hear that sound?

That’s the sound of visual sets getting done and people’s thesis work getting finished in time for spring and new, cool stuff happening the next time you go out and see visualists play. Mark my words. Start your engines.

Tutorial: Syphon input in Modul8 from instructions on Vimeo.

Vital public service announcement: Want to make sure this all continues to get better? Donate to the Syphon project. Despite the fact that this platform is utterly free to use for Mac users, and despite the fact that it has unleashed incalculable awesomeness on our community, I hear through the grapevine (or was that my HDMI cable?) that donations have been disappointing. Make that cease to be. For the price of just one coffee / Club Mate a day…