Learning Max/MSP and Jitter, and Remixing beeple: 50 Recipes, Results

If you’re trying to tackle visual programming to move your art forward, know this: you’re not alone. And so it is that Mike Todd writes us to share Andrew Benson’s ongoing series of Jitter tutorials. I remember reading Andrew’s tutorials years ago, but the guy just keeps going – “recipe” number 50 for Max/MSP’s matrix/visual […]

Live Set of the Week: Generative Set, telematique + u-matic + Sascha Funke, Audionite [Jitter, Syphon]

On a tremendous three-screen rig at Nantes, France’s new Stereolux venue, Berlin-based u-matic and telematique show off their latest custom Jitter rig. By networking their machines, they’re able to collaborate; Syphon lets them separate the generative tools from the mixer (an increasingly-nice solution on the Mac). The results are geometric and abstract, fitting the Berlin-themed […]

Peter Kirn - April 20, 2012

Music Making, Shared: Communal Ambient Tracks Explore Instagram Photos, Lisbon, and More

This collection of Instagram photos inspired an ambient compilation at the end of last year – one well worth adding to your listening queue now. Since then, challenges opened to a community on SoundCloud have produced hundreds of terrific tracks – and the latest weekly challenge is on now, with a deadline midnight Monday. Where […]

Peter Kirn - April 20, 2012

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