Users and developers of the music notation software Sibelius have expressed concern about the software’s future, in the wake of a reorganization at the software’s owner Avid. Sibelius wasn’t singled out in the reorganization announcement, though it was mentioned in company background boilerplate on the press release as one of the key company products. CDM asked Avid for the full details.

Avid spokesperson Ian Bruce confirms to CDM that the Sibelius line of notation software will remain part of the company, from iPad to education products to the flagship notation tool itself (which is also integrated with Pro Tools). Avid also says that support for M-Audio and AIR products will fall to the new owners, inMusic, as inMusic acknowledged separately to CDM; the same will be true for Pinnacle and formerly Avid-branded, entry-level video products.)

CDM: Will Avid retain the Sibelius product line, including the iPad app [Avid Scorch] and Groovy Music?

On Sibelius specifically, this was not part of the sales we announced this week. Sibelius stays with Avid, and remains an important brand and product family for us going forward. This includes the sub-brands you mentioned.

Avid has said it is reducing headcount organization-wide, yesterday, related both to streamlining efforts and the divestment of the consumer divisions, but they have also said they will focus on current product lines, and explicitly include Sibelius among those families.

Updated: Separately from the official Avid line, reports elsewhere paint a radically different picture:
Avid To Close UK Sibelius Office [Pro Tools Expert]
Breaking disaster: Sibelius to shut down [Arts Journal]

Based on my interactions with the notation developer in the past, the UK office represents the bulk of the Sibelius operation in regards to development and product management.

Updated, Wednesday July 4: Unnamed sources have confirmed to CDM that the UK office is closing. Critically, though, we don’t yet know what the future of personnel may be following the closure. (The office’s closure almost certainly represents significant personnel cuts, but there aren’t yet reports of how deep those cuts may be.)

Avid declined to comment on the office’s closure or headcount reductions.