Daedelus’ saturated electric rhythms themselves have the kind of blinding quality of light, so recent visuals fit that sonic aesthetic nicely, from the shards of reflected projection that blaze from motorized mirrors in his touring “Archimedes Show” to this, the new music video for “Platforming.”

Perhaps taking on a new life as renegade tag artist, an assembly-line robot makes spectacular abstract artwork, cutting geometries into space.

There’s certainly a zeitgeist going on: director Chris Cunningham uses lasers and robots in a spectacular new show:
Chris Cunningham Unveils His Most Intense Project Yet (And It Includes Robots And Lazers) [Creators Project]

But the robot in “Platforming” has its own intimacy and charm – wait for the botched cassette tape load-in outtake at the end of the video. It’s more Wall-E, less Terminator, somehow, to me. And the musical-visual synthesis is just lovely. Watch above; more details below:


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A compilation of mashed up beats and electric rhythms are reminiscent of a bizarre carnival nightmare in Daedalus’ newest music video, “Platforming.” Sterile mechanics battle with experimental drawings of neon light and shocking sound waves. These dizzying melodies will put you in a daydream hypnosis as every mind-bending beat vibrates deep into your very core.

Directed by Robbie Crabtree

Credits to Jonathan Proto, Brandon Kruysman, Nazareth Ekmekjian, and the SCI-Arc Robot House for their help.