At this time of year, we come together, hearts aglow, and celebrate the simple pleasure of how much fun field recording and sampling can be in sound design.

Or something like that. If you want a broader or more religious message, I’m sure you’ll find no shortage elsewhere.

Having successfully weathered Armageddon (whew!), our friend AfroDJMac is back with a set of Ableton Live synths sampled from a Charlie Brown Christmas tree snowglobe. And as in the classic television Charlie Brown show, a single branch becomes a lush, full tree with some love. No, really: this is a perfect demonstration of just how much mileage you can get out of a simple sample. The results sound lovely on their own, when close to the original music box sounds, but can also morph into various melodic synth sounds, some quite distant from the original but taking advantage of its harmonic content.

AfroDJMac writes us:

I am writing to share a special Christmas themed Free Ableton Live Pack. It’s the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Synths! I sampled a music box snow globe that features Charlie Brown and Snoopy celebrating around their infamous Christmas tree. The entire package contains 3 synths that are capable of sounds similar to a traditional music box, but can be morphed into trippy instruments with reverse looping, glitchy delays and pseudo-granular-style synthesis. It’s a perfect free virtual stocking stuffer to treat yourself to!

Download it, grab some Egg Nog and a copy of Ableton Live (or, in other tools, just use the sounds to make your own samples), and enjoy:

God bless us, every one, indeed.