The lava lamp has entered a whole new age, courtesy multiple projection processes, and a special kind of industrial aluminum with the fanciful name “bubblesheet.”

New work by Austrian-born, London-based Roland Lindner and Diane Karner aka ripples and oozes, transporting us to a world from some psychedelic, molten-plasma corner of the galaxy. Set to upcoming Dominik Eulberg music, it’s viscous goo from another dimension. Roland describes the work to CDM:

It’s a projection inception. Visuals projected onto a wavy sheet of industrial Aluminium (“Bubblesheets”),
filmed and then again (digitally) projected onto 3D metaballs and bubbles. The final textures are a result of the projected source visuals, the imperfection and waviness of the sheets, the compression of the HDV camera used for the shoot, the distortion on the metaballs and some grading and love in post production.

Dominik Eulberg “Die blaue Sekunde” – Official music video by from / Everything Visual on Vimeo.

Loads more details at the Vimeo video page.


Idea and concept – Diane Karner and Roland Lindner …
Direction and production – Roland Lindner
“Bubblesheet” photograps by Matthias Lindner …
“Ein Stueckchen Urstoff” cover “Vitamin B6” by Kage Mikrofotografie (
Metaballs …

“Die Blaue Sekunde” by Dominik Eulberg …

Images courtesy the artists, (CC-BY-ND)