New Year’s Resolution: hands off that mouse / trackpad. Let’s get more physical with our production.

If you’re not eager to wait for Ableton’s Push hardware, or you’re just a fan of traditional pads or a Maschine owner, combining Maschine with Live can be a great choice. Native Instruments quietly updated Maschine control integration with Ableton Live. It’s one Berlin-engineered tool meets another.

Of course, this arrived in the midst of the holiday rush, so we’ll turn to to give us a detailed walk-through, from installation and configuration to how the integration works when playing.

And the results look really nice. Push definitely does more, but the idea of being able to swap between Maschine as drum machine and Live control is quite handy. It also means if you’ve upgraded to the color Maschine and have two around, you can have one as a drum machine and the other as a Live controller.

I have a feeling 2013 is going to look like a colored light-up grid. Disco inferno!

Heh, and thank you, YouTube commenter, for “correcting” the person pronouncing the name of Maschine’s German name – in German.