Stop-motion animation, made stunningly simple … through science!

Our video-based interface enables easy creation of stop motion animations with direct manipulation by hands, which are semiautomatically removed through a novel two-phase keyframe-based capturing and processing workflow. Our tool is complementary to, and can be used together with traditional stop motion production (e.g., for the rotation of individual faces here).

Translation: you can hold stuff with your hands, move it around normally, and then make it look as if you spent countless hours doing actual stop motion animation. Insane.

The team in Hong Kong who worked this magic: Xiaoguang Han and Hongbo Fu and Hanlin Zheng and Ligang Liu and Jue Wang.

A Video-based Interface for Hand-Driven Stop Motion Animation Production [Paper/project page, The City University of Hong Kong]

To be published, this year’s volume of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications.

Via Tom Phillipson; thanks, Tom!