Rutt Etra Meets Kinect from i.m. klif on Vimeo.

There’s a beautiful fusion of analog and digital imagery in comments on yesterday’s story on easy Kinect software solutions.

“Post digital” gets bandied about, yes, but really this to me is the perfect example of focusing on the materials of a project without any particular regard for any arbitrary dividing lines; it’s just the freedom of experimentation at work.

Description, from Croatia-based reader i.m. klif (who also includes some of his lovely music, rescued from tape):

Couple a days ago I started working on a MaxMSP+Jitter patch that allowed me to create a classic Rutt Etra vector rescanned video on analog oscilloscope using only laptop and a multichannel soundcard ( )
Soon, I realised how perfect it would be to add Kinect to it.
Few hours later I got what you see here. This is only a brief demonstration of the basic functionality. Kinect is used as a hand held camera operated by adorable Miss Adriatica. At 1:00 I’m picking up a MIDI controller to modulate some parameters.
Raster resolution is low due to limitations of hardware I’m using – soundcards have much lower bandwidth than dedicated video equipment that’s normally used for vector rescanning (google Dave Jones and LZX industries).
Music is something I did in 1993. and was recently rescued from audio cassette.
P.S. If some of you wonder why my hand is in strange position, it’s because I broke it two weeks ago 😉

Beautiful work. Plus, an installation proposal:

i.m.klif – Untitled proposal 2013.m4v from i.m. klif on Vimeo.