Virtual Push. Photo courtesy the author.

Virtual Push. Photo courtesy the author.

It was only a matter of time. An intrepid Lemur for iPad user has devised a template that emulates Ableton’s Push hardware.

Cleverly entitled “Shove,” the template isn’t just a little like Push. It actually allows you to use the iPad as surrogate for Ableton’s hardware. You configure the iPad input and output and then select Push as the control layout.

Ironically, that means this script may appeal as much to current Push owners as it would to anyone who wants to use their iPad in place of the hardware. I leave my Push comfortably sitting in the studio, because it’s just too heavy to bike around with all the time. But sometimes inspiration will strike when I’m at home – or on the go – and then I genuinely miss the Push workflow. There’s also the ability to use an iPad wirelessly, meaning this could be useful when doing a soundcheck. In fact, for that reason, it’s a bit of a shame Ableton didn’t develop an iPad control app alongside the hardware (though the business of selling hardware is still a lot better than the business of selling apps).

The creation of Liine community member WUL, the download is covered in disclaimers, but free for registered Lemur users. (It’s also Creative Commons-licensed, though I’m sad it is marked “no derivatives” – seems it’d be ripe for knobs. If you’ve got an idea, do go ask permission.)

The app works pretty brilliantly. Now you can lie in bed and sketch out patterns and start songs, then continue editing with Push back in the studio. There’s still plenty of reason to buy the hardware: there’s no replacement for physical control, particularly when you can use Push onstage. In a live performance situation, I’m never quite as happy on the iPad as with buttons to press and knobs to turn and the like. And Push’s velocity sensitivity is a major feature.

But for keeping the Push workflow anywhere you go, without the weight, Shove is a winner. And it’s another example of why Lemur can be one of the best buys on the iPad – even at a premium price.

Now, let’s hope Ableton lets this one stay there.

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Remarkably, once installed, using the iPad app in emulation means Ableton Live can't tell your tablet from an actual Push.

Remarkably, once installed, using the iPad app in emulation means Ableton Live can’t tell your tablet from an actual Push.