Alongside starting orders for the Mac Pro, Apple this week released updates for all its pro apps, including Logic Pro X. And, showing ongoing attention to MainStage – which Cupertino says is used by a number of high-profile celebrities in their tours – the live performance companion app gets some attention, too.

The banner feature of 10.0.5 is “450 bug fixes,” which is not necessarily what I’d want to advertise, as it suggests 450 bugs shipped in the previous releases. But in a crucial contrast to what has been the norm for their other updates, Apple shares details of what they’ve fixed in the release notes. That makes a big difference to audio users; at last, we can actually tell what is functioning properly and where our issues have been addressed. See the link below; I hope this becomes the new norm at Apple. (On iOS, for instance.) I’ve enjoyed using Logic on some projects and will continue to do so, so I’ll keep an eye out on how it’s working. (There are many, many details here, and something completely meaningless to one person tends to be huge to another, so check them out below.)

There are also significant performance improvements under the hood. That includes loading certain projects more quickly (particularly those packed with lots of samples), and specific multi-threading optimizations to the mix engine that will impact submixes of multi-output software instruments (internal and third-party). Clarification: there aren’t specific optimizations for the Mac Pro, although certainly the Mac Pro’s high-performance flash storage will make loading, bouncing, and other tasks simply scream.

The most noticeable change visually is the updated Channel and Linear Phase EQ interfaces. That’s actually a bigger deal than it might first seem. For one thing, Channel EQ is the default on every channel strip, and it’s something you wind up using a lot. Now, Logic’s rivals all have similar graphical interfaces by now. But this execution looks nice. Now, if we could just see the same Smart Controls layout on the iPad – sadly, that’s not available, even though the layout looks perfect for touch. Correction: I mistakenly suggested that these Smart Controls did work on the iPad, but – that was wishful thinking, and wrong.

These EQs also add sonic improvements. Double-precision is on by default, which should yield better sound characteristics. There’s an option for oversampling, which can improve high-frequency performance and cutoff smoothness. The combination of the UI and sound make this feel like a more modern software EQ – and closer to what you’d expect from analog EQ. Given how you tend to wind up using this every day, that’s a big deal.

One thing’s for certain: Apple has massively accelerated the update cadence of its pro apps, shipping updates frequently with App Store updates everyone gets. Details of what’s changed, from Apple:

Logic Pro X 10.0.5

Feature enhancements and over 450 bug fixes for Logic Pro X. Enhancements include:

• 3 new Drummers and 11 new Drum Kit Designer patches
• Significant enhancements to Channel EQ and Linear Phase EQ plug-ins including redesigned interfaces that are also accessible within the Smart Controls area
• Solo now works as expected on channel strips using an External I/O plug-in
• Volume and pan automation is now included in XML interchange with Final Cut Pro X
• Loops that belong to the same family can be selected and changed using a new control in the region header
• The waveform size in an audio region now adapts to the value of the region Gain parameter
• The Link mode button is now available for the Piano Roll editor

FYI: This release also includes an update of the content. It provides the assets needed for the new Drummers as well as various bug fixes and enhancements. The user is notified of the new content at first launch.

MainStage 3.0.2

• Compatible with Logic Remote v1.0.3
• Save & load times are significantly faster
• Workspace can be hidden to allow a larger area to view Channel Strips
• Various stability improvements

FYI: This release also includes an update of the content. The user is notified of the new content at first launch.

Logic Remote 1.0.3
Compatible with MainStage 3.0.2

Complete changelog (get your “search” function ready, Logic die-hards):