There’s nothing like the comfort of your own home. The comfy feel of underwear instead of annoying … clothes. The absence of … other people in the same room.

Yes, if you’ve ever dreamt of learning the lovely semi-modular, powerful VJ tool VDMX, now you don’t need to wait until experts in the tool come to your part of the world. You don’t even need clothes. (Though, maybe you’re chilly. You can totally wear clothes, too.)

Vidvox’s own David Lublin will be presenting a workshop for video artists ready to get deep into VDMX. You can hear from this core developer, and then ask questions, too.

It’s not only a nice opportunity to hone your visual performance tools for AU$25, it’s a nice idea for training in general. With the visual community as scattered as it is around the globe, if this works well, I hope it gets repeated. We can’t all fly to be with one another, unfortunately. This is surely the next best thing. Scheduled at Noon USA Eastern (NYC) time on March 1, it works out reasonably well for much of the planet.

Find out more:
March 1: VDMX Masterclass @ ACMI with David Lublin, Vidvox, NY [skynoise]

Registration and info at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Let us know if you go for it.

And on your own time, there’s always this: