Ah, so it turns out that demoscene animations don’t all have to feature bad trance music. (Sorry, had to be said.)

Srdce is simply exquisite, fluid animations of blades of grass, waveform vibrations, geometric tangles, and the exploding fragments of a beating heart set to a touching song. It came in second at the Outline 2014 demoparty.

Trans-cultural bonus: you get a (Slovak or Czech?) rendition of Emily Dickinson. “Srdce” means heart in Czech; the team originates from Slovakia.

With beautiful instrumentation (banjo!), it’s a lovely way to spend two minutes. And all of this fits in 8MB of Windows executable, a great chunk of which is just the audio.

More demoscene moments to come, but let’s start with this one.

Details, and a bit of poetry (back in the original English):

Srdce by Satori + Tu v dome

Zden – image, code, design
Maali – 3d models help

Zd3N.com satori.sk
released at Outline 2014

Music: Ladislav Durko
Lyrics: Emily Dickinson
(translated by Milan Richter)

Tu v dome:
Ladislav Durko – piano
Ali Kobzova – voice, violin
Bronka Schragge – cello
Ozo Guttler – drums
Martin Sutovec – banjo

text original:

The Heart asks Pleasure – first –
And then – Excuse from Pain –
And then – those little Anodyness
That deaden suffering –

And then – to go to sleep –
And then – if it should be
The will of its Inquisitor
The privilege to die –

Emily Dickinson 1830 — 1886

Via the excellent Tumblr prosthetic knowledge