Let’s admit it: what we all want out of sync is some magic box that just makes everything work. We just want to plug things in, turn a knob, and have everything sync up.

Caveats: we want everything. (USB? DIN? MIDI? Modulars?) And, come to think of it, we probably then start to want to do other fun stuff like shift things around.

That is, not all of us want to write technical papers on the topic. But fortunately, Maximilian Rest did write a paper on it. He then built a jitter-free MIDI clock.

Well, it gets better. First, the midiclock – CDM review coming very soon – added DIN and modular for those of you with extra gear. Second, the MULTI-FORMAT-MASTER-CLOCK is a high-end box, revealed just a few hours ago, that will do even more, for those of you who want sync with all the fixins’.


Current state of development of the new E-RM Erfindungsbüro MULTI-FORMAT-MASTER-CLOCK solution.

• 4 ultra precise channels, derived from DAW audio clock, MIDI or DIN Sync, all separately shiftable and swingable in real time

• Hot-Plug support for MIDI, DIN, Modular Clock & Analog LFO

• Built in MIDI Matrix to dynamically map & merge MIDI channels and events

• unused channels can be used as a MIDI controller

• 5 channel MIDI USB support optionally available

Available soon.


This will I believe put the new product in direct rivalry with Koma Elektronik’s RH301. Sorry, Roland – I have to recommend the RH301 over the AIRA SBX-1. Koma’s 14-point patch bay and rhythmic options are more creative than the AIRA, yet the lovely boutique construction and solid sync performance are available at roughly the same price. (See also the ACME4, though I’m guessing E-RM won’t have that sort of luxury price tag.)

The Koma remains more of a creative tool than the ERM, but the ERM has some rhythmic tricks of its own – for many users, it may be down to performance and utility of design. Will be fun to compare these two Berlin-made boutique boxes when the ERM becomes available.