There is so much bell action in this free download, there are bells combined with other bells. There are church bells, and there are Yamaha DX7 bells, synthesized through FM. It’s maximized Christmas soundware. Once you fire this up, it’s like an Egg Nog with a mulled cider inside and then a duck inside that.

And, incredibly, it’s the 114th Ableton pack release from Brian Funk, aka electronic musician (and certified Live trainer) AfroDJMac. That’s 114 free downloads – far more than we could ever hope to cover.

Because these are Ableton Live sound packs, you can actually open up the audio in any tool you like – minus the convenient mappings, but totally usable nonetheless.

Beyond the free downloads, there’s a sale on now with coupon code “half” getting you all Brian’s paid stuff for — you guessed it – 50% off.

I’ll let the video speak for itself. Merry Christmas, Brian!

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