When we designed MeeBlip anode, we tried to do more with less: make every knob and switch meaningful and musical.

Composer/musician and artist Robert Lippok invited us into his studio as he tried out those controls. Robert is really thoughtful about his approach to sound and control in my experience working with him, and so it was nice to get his feedback on our instrument. (If you don’t know Robert’s music, he is a Berlin native, a long-time member of the label raster noton, and a former member of the band To Rococo Rot.)

One by one, he demonstrates how these sound controls work. (This is just the default Pulse Width mode; there are more colors to access in the hidden wavetable mode.)

Our direct flash sale is over, but you can get MeeBlip anode right away – and support your local dealers – via our dealer network. That includes a number of stores that have done fantastic things to build the synth community, from the USA to Germany and beyond. It’s still available at a low cost:
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For more on Robert:
Robert Lippok [raster-noton Artists]