60 24-bit WAV drum samples with presets are yours for the asking, free.

And the source is worth mentioning on its own. If you want a hardware drum machine that’s compact, unique, and affordable, your options are surprisingly few – analog or otherwise. But one that tops the list is the Berlin-made MFB-522 Drum Computer.

Now, it seems that part of the whole point of “analog” in drum machines is having something you can tweak directly. But… well, there are those times when you don’t want to pack cables and power and boxes. And, for that matter, sample kits can be nice in that they’re often pre-produced for you. (I know more than a few producers who have used both hardware and samples of the same hardware alternatively.)

So, the samples, just in from Belgrade’s sample house Samplefino:

Via bedroomproducersblog, those clever hunters of all things free, you can get a kit of 60 samples for free, mostly from MFB-522 but with some use of their Analogue Kick Drum for Kontakt, too. Presets are available for Kontakt 5, FXpansion’s unsung gem Geist, and even One Small Clue Poise. (No Maschine, sorry – but then nice to see these other two getting some love for a change.)

http://samplefino.com/free-drum-samples/ (email required, natch)

There’s a full version on sale for US$16.99, too, so great if hardware isn’t in your budget at the moment.

If you have saved up, here’s a look at the MFB:


This isn’t the first time the MFB has been sampled, either. For grungier tape Goldbaby versions, you have that option, too.

And wonder of wonders, the MFB site has escaped the 90s and now lives with us in our time in 2015!


At last!