If you’ve never heard of UK producer Powell, it’s maybe even more important that you watch this video now.

There’s a lot I want to say, but I’d give away the ending. Let’s keep it to this: an adventurous electronic producer, making a raucously stuttering, intense, punk-digital record, talked to his rock idol Steve Albini. And something happened.

What happened on email turned into a music video by director Guy Featherstone, and the results are pure poetry.

Very large epilepsy warning: this video strobes sickeningly. But, if like us, you rather like that sort of thing, you may … enjoy it immensely. (Also, explicit content, I guess, says Apple – “f*** you,” to be specific.)

By the way, by “epilepsy warning,” I mean this kind of epilepsy warning:

Full backstory on Stereogum.

I will say this: the advantage of being in music is that, perhaps, it really isn’t a war, and doesn’t have sides. And being perfectly impolite, we might just discover we make more friends than we do being polite – or, at least, vainly trying to conform. Well, if you care. Maybe you don’t care.

Also, yeah, Xenakis.

Insomniac / Should’ve Been A Drummer on vinyl, or else on iTunes. Samples cleared, of course.