Puremagnetik are one of the most experienced sound library houses around, with a resumé that includes collaborations with Ableton early in the history of Live. And evidently they want you to get to know them better, as they have a gigabyte of free sounds on offer showing their work.

Included is both soundware and Device Racks for messing about – so this isn’t just a loops library. You get:

  • Modular loops (building blocks for pieces to get you started)
  • Various Effects Racks
  • Film Score sounds
  • Waveframe, which emulates the Ensoniq Fizmo’s Transwave Synthesis (think morphing wavetables)
  • Vintage Chips, with lots of 8-bit retro computer sounds
  • A library featuring the Suziki Omnichord instrument, which the developer say also show off articulation programming in Live

You need the latest version of Live 9 for official support for the Live Pack.

Free Ableton Live Pack [puremagnetik]