PPG’s Phonem vocal synth for iPad is one of the nicest synths to come out this summer. So, let’s get straight to using it. Our friend Jakob is here with a great tutorial:

It’s a nice introduction to the architecture, by way of a drone sound design.

Also, I can’t say enough good things about Jakob’s YouTube channel – it’s one of the best tutorial sources out there, with a particular focus on affordable hardware and mobile apps and gear. His Haq Attack series has now climbed well into triple figures in episode count and more keep coming.

It’s hard to make videos this good. So it’s also nice that Jakob gives us a little behind-the-scenes of how he shoots. I hope he does more of this – we can’t fill his shoes, but we can at least pick up some of his tips for shooting.

And let’s watch that tutorial video, too – a clever vocoder dub delay patch for the Novation MiniNova, controlled from the pads.