Quick! You need a step sequencer!

Sometimes you want a full-featured sequencing tool and your host doesn’t have one (or it doesn’t do what you want). HY-SEQ16 is a terrific, versatile option.

I could talk about the whole feature set but: randomize. Probability controls. There you have it.

Okay, also, preset management, separate randomization per parameter (ooh), sequence direction – basically everything you need. If you really fall in love with this one, US$28 buys you 3×16 steps and an LFO.


This looks great to me, not least for controlling external hardware. Heck, I thought I didn’t need it, and now I realize I do.

As so often with great freebies, this comes to us from Bedroom Producers Blog (BPB), who also have a nice video (from before this version was free):



Download this: