There are some questions about just how Maschine 2.6 works with MIDI gear after our story yesterday. Well, the fine folks at ADSR tutorials have gone and made a really clear, step-by-step walkthrough – and they even chose our very own fire engine-red MeeBlip triode to use as a demo. (That’s an easy choice, as the parameter assignments are pretty straightforward.)

Have a look:

Integrating MIDI brings a number of benefits:
1. Control gear right from your Maschine hardware, if you choose.
2. Easily record and playback automation and performance states.
3. Add randomization, draw in automation, and more.
4. Use Locks and morphing to create transitions between parameters programmatically.

And do all four of those things alongside Maschine patterns, which could be useful musically / compositionally. It’s good stuff.

Let us know how you use it! And if you make more hardware profiles, do share those, too.

More videos from ADSR cover this 2.6 release: