Will there be a future version of Ableton Push following Push 2? Most probably. Is this it? Absolutely not.

I’m surprised to see multiple media outlets breathlessly breaking down a “leaked” image found in a Facebook group. You don’t really need insider information on this – this is obviously a fake, speculative mock-up done by a Live user. (A few people looking closely have already noted the same details.)

Nein. Heute leider nicht.

The I/O “specs” seen in the image are mostly modeled on Native Instruments Maschine+, and several of the ports and silkscreens are literally copied from a product image of NI’s hardware. (Those repeated ‘1’ and ‘2’ ports and even the distinctive +/- labels on the Maschine input for instance are just copy-pasted from an NI product image, including NI’s particular type weight.) There are some minor changes to port layout, but hey, Photoshop is an amazing tool. (1990 technology endures!)

Apart from that, Ableton has rarely pre-announced products like this, and never pre-announced hardware. If you were going to tease something, you would presumably hide the I/O.

Ableton for their part says this image didn’t come from them.

In a CDM exclusive, Jonathan Frakes (TV’s Commander William T. Rikerâ„¢) also weighs in:

Will something come after Push 2, like 3? Will Ableton Live ever have another integer product release after Live 10? I uh… leave you to work that out for yourself.

Meanwhile, here is the product announced earlier this month that apparently caused people to lose their handle on reality, so uh, congrats NI?: