It’s cold outside for much of the world now, and crowds are a no-no. But show off your projection mapping skills while streaming – and be on top of gigs when they come back. Our friends at MadMapper show us how.

This is a Windows-based tutorial, but there’s actually plenty you could adapt to the macOS version technique wise. And as it happens, projection mapping techniques apply to streaming really well. Maybe that’s not surprising; the whole point of projection mapping is manipulating image in virtual space. It’s illusion – a bit of digital neo-Rococo trompe l’oeil play, if you will – so why not make a space in that virtual realm?

As a bonus, MadMapper also use The New Shiny in the form of NVIDIA Broadcast to do the background removal. That saves you a green screen, but means you do need the latest-and-greatest NVIDIA card to follow the exact recipe. But there, too, you could adapt the basic idea to other materials.

Of course OBS is involved, too – would you expect anything else? (Got to add streaming in there somewhere – though this also means you could use the same approach for recording.)

It gets my noggin cooking, as far as ideas – both for firing up MadMapper again and imagining how to apply these ideas elsewhere. And frankly, anything that allows us to transform ourselves, I am 100% behind.

Have at it:

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